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About Orants Electro

At Orants electro, Our team had spent more than 10 years sourcing electronic components for our customers. We use our worldwide supplier network to help resolve supply chain imbalances and keep your components need on track. Whether solving for fluctuating pricing or lengthy lead times, Orants electro is here to help you and your business pivot and react to changes quickly.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy, Honesty is the best policy, has directed us through the years and helped us to grow in competitive market with strong work ethics. Our vision is to become trusted supply chain partner and one stop solution for all need of electronics components of our clients.
Our highly experienced sourcing team can beat the price of US, Europe and ASIAN franchise distributors with traceability and fastest delivery at customer doorstep.
Our link with Direct Manufacturer authorizations and relationships, Orants electro delivers quality parts that are not the focus of franchise distribution. Our inventory is procured directly from factory or factory coordinated through authorized supply chains.
Orants Electro has more than decade of experience, disciplined QC procedures, and industry Expertise that ensure product authenticity and functionality. Our synchronized global processes make you assured in counterfeit avoidance and ensure the parts meet form, fit, and function.
We set financial standards for the rest of the distribution industry. More than ₹45M committed credit facility, we provide peace of mind in a volatile market. This financial stability allows organizations to plan and forecast for years in advance.
Using our AI Powered market and historical data, we offer flexible inventory management solutions to help your inventory consignment needs. Our inventory program includes a comprehensive assessment of your excess inventory value with tech recommendations on the quickest way to maximize inventory value recovery.

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